Lover of old technologies, writer, composer, and as a hobby I develop for Super Nintendo, NES and Sega Genesis.

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Name : Rafael Daniel
Academic : Analysis and Systems Development
Knowledge : C, Java, Javascript, HTML/CSS, SQL and More
Job Official : Developer and Analyst in IT
Sporadic Job : Retro Gamer Developer

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Happy New Year...

Hello my friends! I've been missing because I was organizing my professional life, and In February I officially start my new job. In this new job there are no hours and everything will be done according to the demand that arises. With this, I will have the freedom to make better use of my free time, which will be infinitely greater.

As I have already finished my office, I will officially start my softwares development company and there will be a division for retro games so that I can work and make money effectively in this world that I really like.

Speaking of which, I didn't have time to finish the MS, but in February I will actually finish it


Merry Christmas...

Good guys, let's see the news. These days I had to pause the projects again because I'm changing jobs, after all a new opportunity has appeared and I'm investing in it. My CV was selected and now I'm studying because the 19/01 will be the regional test, if I manage to pass, I will go to the USA with everything paid for the final test. So wish me luck.

In terms of projects, I think I'm going to take advantage of this week to finish the MS so that now in 2024 we can finally release it.


Hello, december...

Some MS project supporters are asking about the game. It certainly won't be launched in 2023 as planned, but we will certainly have news in the first half of 2024. This is because my friend at PIKO Intecractive saw the beta version of the game and really liked the result. With this, he intends to enhance the launch which unfortunately I cannot tell you the details about.

I can tell you that we are already in the final phase of development, just refining the script so that it has the same linearity as the original version. Finishing this officially concludes the project and will certainly be commercialized with some very interesting news. So stay tuned here on the blog or on the Piko page.


Starting work again...

I will play the Mysterious Song alpha version on the real console. I need to play from beginning to end and collect the bugs I discover. Most of the new routines had limited testing during development and I need to test them effectively in production mode.

In the Project P, I lost the artist again, this time I won't look for a new one until I actually start the project, after all I already have enough graphic material to start the project.



I finally managed to buy Fenrir ODE (bought in black friday for €88), an optical drive emulator for the Sega Saturn. With it I will be able to test developing on this console, yes, I can develop for it in 2D initiall. My intention is to port my current projects, after all, following my development environment, I can go from SNES to Sega Genesis GENESIS (with limitations) and Sega Saturn (without any limitations).

Another thing, no less important, is that I finally managed to build my New Old PC (FROM THE 2000s). Basically it's a P4 running on top of a Windows Millennium. I'll post news soon about this.

In summary, some projects were effectively completed: renovation of the work office, upgrade of my PC Gamer, finalization of new old PC (2000s), new extreme speaker with subwoofer and some new RPG cartridges for the collection.


Back to work...

I dedicated the last 3 months to studying, because I couldn't fail, otherwise I would lose my scholarship. So I will return to the projects in progress, especially Mysterious Song to SNES.


A brief break...

After several delays my office is almost finished. Almost finished because the carpenter made a small mistake and will have to redo one of the larger drawers, already taking advantage of this I also asked to create another 3 so that there is plenty of space to store cables, controls, that is, material that should not be exposed.

As I needed a lot of space, I bought an industrial-type l-shaped table just to put my work computer on. I also purchased a 32" monitor to complement my current 27" monitor, thus completing my setup with two monitors and a new desk.

So my personal goal is completed, a new work and study environment as well as a place to store my game collection and retro computer. Once it's completely finished, I'll post images here of how it turned out, but here's a little preview:


Now the news of the last few days.

SNES/GENS DEV: I made many improvements to my engine for RPG games. Surely when I start developing my proprietary game I will have few problems, at most additional improvements. The Mysterious Song game is being ported over this engine.

SNES/GENS DEV: The mechanics of the Mysterious Song game itself are practically finished. What I'm doing is trying to understand how the mathematical calculations of level, hp, mp, experience, items, magics, are performed and try to replicate as closely as possible. As I mentioned a few times, this game will not be a faithful port, but it will be very close to the original PCE version.

OFFICE: After some delays my carpenter will start assembling the furniture for my office. Bought a new 32" monitor and a new L-shaped table to complete the environment and thus have plenty of space of work.


Hello friends! Let's go with the news.

I have already started renovating my office, during this transition period I will take a little longer to develop games because a large part of the work is done in this place, which according to my carpenter takes around 15 days to complete. I will also acquire a new 32" monitor to use in conjunction with my 27" monitor and thus enhance my work. As I said before, my office will be an environment for development and fun, and from what I've already noticed, there will be a second stage because not everything will fit in the project space.

Regarding my scholarship, this week I will enroll for classes to start in August. I'm really looking forward to getting started.

Another interesting thing I was able to do was use very high quality voices in my projects for SNES, that is, it is possible to insert an incredible narration as we see in the game Super Metroid.


Officially, the game Mysterious Song for SNES enters its Alpha State, that is, we already have a considerably complete version, with some bugs.


Time to start renovating my office for study, work and fun. I expect to spend a good amount of money on it, but it will be worth it as it is the place I spend most of my time in my life.


:) After a long time of development, I'm close to completing port of Mysterious Song for Super SNES. I estimate that it will be completed in two months and we will send it to the beta tests. There were more than 1000 hours of great difficulty, and the learning I had in this game was crucial for today to have solid knowledge for 16-bit development. In this port I used my faelsrpgsengine which saved a lot of time and I can already reuse it due to the improvements for other projects. Another detail, the conversion for the Sega Genesis is completely possible without great difficulties with this in some weeks.


\0/ We got another pixel art artist to continue the development of the more complex graphics of our games. Wait for news...


\0/ I just received an email asking me to come to the institution to sign my scholarship acceptance. Thank universe for the wonderful opportunity that will surely make all the difference in my professional career.


:) Preparing a room in my house that will be renovated to house my personal projects. My idea will be an environment for studing, development and fun. I am already in contact with the carpenter who will prepare the furniture.


:) I have an idea for an SNES cartridge hardware that in theory we could have a ROM with huge storage space (not limited to 8MBits). I definitely intend to use this in the future to launch my games without worrying about storage space however development costs will be higher. A game with 32GBytes of storage is totally possible. I intend to call it FAELS-BOARD-X.


\0/ A very special day for me, i got a scholarship in a big university. I am very grateful to life for this gift it has given me. Everything I learn I will apply in my personal projects.


:( Unfortunately the pixel art artist I hired will no longer be able to take part in the project for personal reasons, a pity. Best of luck to him on his journey and the doors are wide open should he ever want to come back, my friend. We will find a replacement for your job soon.


:> I'm thinking of buying a professional music synthesizer, I'll analyze what's the best option for me.


:) My friend who is a music developer focused on the SNES has an incredible talent, I will definitely ask him to improve some songs of my authorship and with a satisfactory result it can be included in Project P.

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